Mystery of Sandy Island

This was my first book editing project, and the one that got Eagle Harbor Editing  started. Nearly two months ago, my friend Michele Makinson (a.k.a. J.M.M. Adams) and I talked about having me edit her book The Mystery of Sandy Island. I edited the first three chapters first, and later the whole book.

From this experience, I learned something about my process of working. I think that instead of doing as many pages as I can before my eyes start glazing over, I will take two or three chapters a day and examine them in-depth. That way I can catch as many things as possible. Another is to set the work aside for a short period of time, so I can look at it again with fresh eyes.

I aim to see this as a learning process, and I feel that from this project alone, I have learned a great deal. Not the least of which about German Shepherd dogs.


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