By Way of Introduction

More than twenty years ago, I discovered my love for proofreading–even without being an English major. A college friend had asked me to edit one of his papers, and I enjoyed doing it. Now, that may sound like I enjoy finding and correcting others’ mistakes. And that, in turn, may make me seem like a “schoolmarm.” The truth is, I can’t not do so. I want to help you make your writing flow, to smooth out rough drafts.

I have to admit, ever since I was a child, I’ve been exacting. For instance, when I heard my mom said to someone that we lived in Seattle, I thought, “No, we live on Bainbridge Island.” In English class and later in Spanish class, I wanted to make sure I used—and spelled—words correctly, and make sure I inserted the correct diacritical marks.

I’ve always loved words—their history, their usage, their evolution.  Even as a child, I pestered my mom with, “What does that word mean, again?” As a middle schooler, I excelled at and enjoyed vocabulary and spelling. In fact (showing my “nerd” card here) I even asked my teacher for the spelling list for the following week. If I went back in time to college, I would have been an English major and a Spanish minor. I pick up obscure words like “jorum”(a container the size of a punch bowl) and “scunner (a strong dislike).” Words like “vicissitudes” and “verisimilitude” roll off my tongue. I have long been a reader, and through doing that, have picked up a lot of words both common and rare. I guess, having the talent theme as Input as one of my signature “StrengthsFinder” themes, it’s natural for me.

More recently, I have edited a variety of projects: a prospective medical student’s personal statement, a doctoral candidate’s thesis proposal, and even a mystery book about a detective whose partner is a German Shepherd dog (GSD).  I take a fairly simple approach, using Microsoft Word’s “track changes” and comment features to suggest changes and to explain the change suggestions I’ve made. I adhere to the Chicago Manual of Style (“Chicago”), but am not a stranger to Turabian. As I mentioned earlier, Input is one of my top 5 StrengthsFinder themes; not only do I retain information, but I seek it out. Along with proofreading, I promise to fact-check too.

So, please do me the “compliment” of sending me a sample of your writing. I will do a complimentary edit, to show how I can transform your text.