How I Work

I can accept both hard and computer copies of your writing, though I prefer electronic submission. On hard copies, I use standard proofreading marks, then scan the pages and email them back to you. On computerized documents, I use Microsoft’s “track changes” and “comments” features to make the change suggestion and to explain the rationale behind my suggestion. I can also edit on Google Docs, if you prefer. I will give periodic progress reports and can meet with you to go over the changes I’ve suggested and comments I have made.

When I edit a document, I start with a “macro-edit,” where I go through the entire document and look for needed changes in titles, headings and indentation. Then I will read through again, checking for usage, grammatical correctness, and punctuation.

I will do an estimate of how long it will take me, and set up an agreement with you for payment and how I do the job. I will invoice you on a per-project basis, and my beginning rate is $16.00/hr. If you prefer to pay by the word, I charge $0.01 per word. For more technical and complex writing, I will charge $17.50/hr. 


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